Dr. Manuela Leonardelli
Department of Plant Sciences
University of Geneva, Sciences III

30 Quai E. Ansermet
CH-1211 Geneva 4

Tel.: +41-22-379-3651


Born in 1988 in Trento, Italy

Nationality: Italian

2018 -

Postdoc, Department of Botany and Plant Biology, University of Geneva

2013 - 2018

PhD, University of Vienna, Austria. Thesis: "Characterization of two novel chloroplast proteins with a potential role in chloroplast development and function" (Supervisor: Dr. Markus Teige, Department of Ecogenomics and Systems Biology, University of Vienna, Austria)

2011 - 2013

MSc in Molecular Biology (University of Padua, Italy & Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich, Germany). Thesis: "Establishment and evaluation of new aequorin-based calcium indicators for calcium measurements in plants upon abiotic and biotic stresses" (Supervisors: Prof. Lorella Navazio & Prof. Ute Vothknecht)

2008 - 2011

BSc in Molecular Biology (University of Padua, Italy). "Expression of the cellulase CelC2 in Enterobacter agglomerans" (Supervisor: Prof. Barbara Baldan)