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- UV-B Perception and Signalling in Arabidopsis thaliana (for details see pdf)

Please get in touch if you are interested in joining our team!

We are always looking for talented, motivated and creative new members for our team. Please inquire about open positions and/or the possibility to apply for postdoctoral fellowships (e.g. from EMBO, HFSP, ...).

We seek for enthusiastic candidates with strong interest in signal transduction and photobiology to understand the influence of the light environment on plant growth and development.

Postdoctoral candidates should have published (or are close to publishing) at least one first-author paper in a major international journal. Please send a letter that outlines in which type of project you are particularly interested and why your qualifications make you a good fit for our research and our team.

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PhD student candidates should hold (or be in the process of getting) an M.Sc. degree in Biology, Biochemistry or related. Experience in basic molecular, cell biological and/or biochemical techniques is expected. PhD students will be embedded into the Molecular Biosciences program of the PhD School of Life Sciences.

MSc student candidates should directly contact Roman Ulm to discuss opportunities and potential research projects.

If you are interest in joining our team to make key discoveries in how plants perceive, signal and respond to UV-B, please send your application documents (incl. letter of motivation, C.V., degrees, names of 2-3 references) to 

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